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May 2024 in Summary

  • Enable users to toggle the distance unit displayed when navigating
  • Enhance the security lane selection window to remember a user's previous selections
  • Resolve a bug where invalid map iconography would prevent all iconography from rendering
  • Resolve a bug where Android users could not search for POIs on the map
  • Resolve a bug where mobile users could not view the departure or arrival gate from the live flight status view
  • Improve various user flows to better meet WCAG accessibility guidelines
  • Improve multiple page elements to meet WCAG accessibility guidelines

Toggle distance units

Let your users choose a distance unit that makes sense to them!

April 2024 in Summary

  • Enabled your customers to give you direct feedback through your instance of Wayfinder on Web
  • Display route distance in meters
  • Resolved an atypical issue where incorrect language options are presented in the menu
  • Various UI localization improvements

Collect User Feedback

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March 2024 in Summary

  • Release Multi-Point Routing, which allows for getting directions with multiple stops
  • Resolve an issue in which the language URL parameter is incorrectly set upon page refresh
  • Enhance the POI operating hours to enable date ranges that cross midnight

Multi-Point Routing

We are excited to announce the availability of multi-point routing!

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