Who maintains my Wayfinder on Web product?

We will manage and maintain your application which is hosted using AWS CloudFront. Customers have the option to request customization of their product through their account representatives.

What customizations are offered?

  • A custom navigation header with your company's branding.
  • A user interface using your company's color palette.
  • Custom iconography
  • A list of default search suggestions for your company's venue
  • A list of default point of interest categories

How do I white label my product?

Check out this indepth guide on white labeling.

Can the map be hosted in an iframe?

Yes, but in order for the link sharing service to work, a config change is needed. From chrome version 85 and up this can be handled though by adding to the iframe tag:

Also note that if the map page is hosted by an iframe the shortened URL will use the URL of that iframe, not the page when sharing.

Do you support Internet Explorer?

As of Spring 2020, Internet Explorer is no longer supported. The reasons for the deprecation are discussed below.

As Wayfinder on Web enters its newest product iteration, we now have integrated with MapBox technology to render our mapping products. Our application is supported in all modern browsers and requires that the browser, as well as the underlying hardware and software, support WebGL.

As with all modern software improvements, major advancements like this require us to deprecate older web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. We still maintain capability and support for modern browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox including versions up to two years old. Most modern browsers have built-in support for auto updating to ensure users have the latest features and more importantly, security updates.

Microsoft announced that they would be sunsetting Internet Explorer with the release of Windows 11. While no release date has been announced, Microsoft states, “Beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system receives technical support and security updates.”

We have also found that a very small amount of our user population (2.3% unique sessions in the last 30 days) utilizes Internet Explorer 11. We also know that 60% of our overall traffic comes over a mobile medium on which IE is not an option. Given that Internet Explorer 11 has not seen any major updates in the last 4 years, and the software’s general usage decline, we are sunsetting support of this web browser. As a result, we will no longer support IE 11 after June 1, 2019. As we work to update our customers to the most current versions of our applications, our 2.0 products will continue to support all modern browsers in addition to IE 11.

What data fields are searched when a Custom Action is clicked?

• Category (each dotted portion - so "eat.coffee" is searchable by "eat" or "coffee" or "eat.coffee")
• Name
• Keywords (that are flagged as userSearchable)
• Grab tags (for Grab integrations)
• RoomId (only used in campus verticals)