Show Directions

To open the map showing directions between two Points of Interest, simply include the POI IDs in the url in either of the following formats:
Simple Directions: http://<your-map-url>?navFrom=<origin-poi-id>&navTo=<destination-poi-id>

Multiple Destination Directions: http://<your-map-url>?multipointRouting=true&waypoints=[<start-poi-id>,<intermediate-poi-id>,<end-poi-id>]


Unknown Start or End Point?

Simply omit the "navFrom" or "navTo" param. The map will open with the navigation interface and the relevant field (to or from) pre-filled with the param passed in the URL.


Using Coordinates for Start or End Points

It is possible to request directions using coordinates and a floor id rather than a POI ID. This can be passed one or both of the "navFrom" and "navTo" fields. The format for such a value is:

As an example, to navigate from a point in Customs to Baggage Carousel 7 in Terminal 1 (Arrivals), the following URL can be used:,-79.611,yyz-terminal1-1&navTo=570


If you would like to ensure that only wheelchair accessible directions are returned, simply include the "accessible" param in the URL with the value "true" e.g.

Simple Directions Example

See how the map for Toronto Pearson shows directions between "International Currency Exchange (Terminal 1, Level 3)" and "Baggage Carousel 7 (Terminal 1, Level 1)" upon load when clicking the url:

The map will appear similar to the following image:


Multiple Destination Example

See how the map for LAX shows directions between Club 42, Starbucks, and Gate 72 upon load when clicking the URL:[1025,870,551]

The map will appear similar to the following image:

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